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Recent Updates

  • When not otherwise scheduled for an in-person exam, all general purpose classrooms will be available for student use (studying or for taking an exam) during finals week (May 4-12, 2021). You can see which rooms are available on OCM's Room Search. You can also reserve spaces in the Libraries for studying or exam taking.

  • If you need a desktop for studying or exams, you can reserve an appointment time using Lab Computer Reservations or view available computers in the public computer labs:

  • If you rented textbooks from the University Bookstores, they are due back by May 17. You can return them in-person, drop them off near the Coffman Starbucks location, or mail them - see details here. If you purchased your textbooks, check the Bookstores buyback options available May 3 - May 21.

  • Colleges, schools, and programs on the Twin Cities campus are each planning their own commencement activities this semester. The format of these events will vary, as each has varying sizes of graduating classes and all events must be planned in accordance with current Governor’s orders and guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health. As spring 2021 events on the Twin Cities campus are finalized, they will be shared on this page.

What happens if you get exposed, have symptoms, or test positive for COVID-19?

If you are exposed to or test positive for COVID-19 through the course of the semester, you will be asked to quarantine or isolate. The steps you will be asked to take — from how long to quarantine to who to notify — are outlined in the Student Decision Tree.

Go to to schedule COVID-19 testing. If your symptoms are severe and need to be evaluated by a medical provider, call 612-625-3222.

If you are unable to participate in your coursework due to illness, contact your instructor immediately. If verification is requested, please see the Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences Policy.

Academic Support & Resources

Stay Connected with Academic Advising & Career Services

Meet with academic advisors and career coaches remotely (by Zoom, email, or phone).

Exploring majors?

Support for Remote Learning

There are many resources to help you stay connected and be successful while learning remotely.

Support for International Students

The ISSS staff wishes to express our support for the international students on campus. We know it can be challenging to be away from home when difficult events occur here and in your home country. See specific resources for International Students here.

Join the Gopher Equity Project

Join the Gopher Equity Project and take part in creating an equitable and inclusive campus.
Go to to learn more.

Study Spaces & Technology

Explore these spaces and resources to help you stay connected and get your work done!

Find Study Space & WiFi on Campus

Study Space Finder

Use the study space finder app to find available study space.

Study in Empty Classrooms

Study on campus in general purpose classrooms during unscheduled times. To see if a classroom is available, view each classroom schedule (or scan the QR code on the sign in the hallway). Each classroom will have maximum occupancy listed on the door.

Study in the University Libraries

Wilson Library (west bank), Walter Library, Health Sciences Library (east bank), and Magrath Library (St. Paul) will be open. Group study rooms are now individual study rooms - reserve these spaces online.

WiFi Coverage Map

Check out the WiFi coverage map, which indicates the best wifi coverage in each campus building.

Find a Computer & WiFi on Campus

Find an Open Computer Lab

Find computer lab locations and hours.

Study in Computer Classrooms

Study on campus in computer classrooms during unscheduled times. To see if a classroom is available, view each classroom schedule (or scan the QR code on the sign in the hallway). Each classroom will have maximum occupancy listed on the door.

Affordable Internet Access Information

Find various internet service providers’ contact information and resources available for low-income households.

Technology Help

The University’s Technology Help service desk is open 24/7 and available via email, phone, and chat to help answer any questions you may have. See specific resources for learning off campus.

Equipment Loaners

Your college IT department can help you with technology issues including a limited number of equipment (ie laptops, webcam, and software) to loan for the semester.

    • CBS: Email

    • CLA: Email

    • Nursing: Email Shannon Dahl,

    • CCAPS: Email

    • CEHD: Email

    • CSOM: Email

    • CDes: General request form

    • CFANS: Call 612-624-2233 or in-person at the Circulation Desk on Ground Floor of Magrath Library

    • CSE: Email

Campus Services

While physical offices and locations may be closed, all student services are still available remotely.
See updates on units within the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Equity & Diversity

Internships and Student Employment

GoldPASS is the U of M's free search database for jobs, internships, and volunteer positions.

Offices on campus may be hiring students for the Fall. Search online postings to find a student job.

Apply for a micro-internship to do a short-term, professional, paid internship opportunity.

Virtual International Internships

Remote placements are available in 16 cities across the globe for a four-credit internship opportunity.

Report Racial Bias & Discrimination

Racial discrimination and stereotyping is not tolerated at the U of M. If you experience or witness harassment or discrimination related to the COVID-19 outbreak, report it to the Bias Response & Referral Network.

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